What is Tow-Boot you ask?
And does it have features I want?

Well according to the Tow-Boot homepage:

Tow-Boot a user-friendly, opinionated distribution of U-Boot, where there is as few differences in features possible between boards, and a “familiar” user interface for an early boot process tool.

The goal of Tow-Boot is to make booting boring.


With regard to features there is one notable feature.
It supports holding the volume buttons during boot to change the boot device!

  • Volume UP: Mount/export the eMMC as a mass storage device over USB
  • Volume DOWN: Boot from the uSD card instead of the eMMC

The mass storage seems a bit slow (I only got a read speed of 8MB/s) but it is still a handy feature non the less.


There are currently no pre-build binary on the release pages, but this pull request has installer images.